Dipping my toes in Silicon Beach

Snapchat Design Academy

{4 things that resonated with me}

  • Be your Authentic Self!
  • Don’t believe your Imposter Syndrome!
  • Take Risks!
  • Expand your circle!

Be your Authentic Self!

Hearing Lauryn Nwankpa’s long and complex journey from nonprofits to social action at Headspace, she made one thing clear to us; be your authentic self and not to settle for anything less.

The Headspace office.

Don’t believe the Imposter Syndrome!

I heard about Imposter Syndrome early last year and immediately had an epiphany moment — “ohhh so that’s what it’s called”. I have been visited countless times by the syndrome during my life; significantly in uni as I am a WoC studying computer science!

Take Risks!

The American tech scene surprised me — they take risks. As the saying goes, they really do go big or go home; after all, high risk brings in high reward. This got me thinking about a statistic I heard at Women Impact Tech;

The Broad Museum

Expand your circle!

Networking is important. Building a network will open so many opportunities for you, and even those around you! After all, I was told about this opportunity through Xuntos! If I did not network with the Xuntos founders within my university, I would have missed out on this valuable experience.

  • Invest in yourself!
  • Update your CV, build a strong LinkedIn account, learn new and relevant skills that can boost your CV. Build a strong social media presence, create a blog 🤪, pick up a new hobby, start YouTubing etc. Anything to enhance yourself!
  • Keep in the loop!
  • Read up on everything around your career area, follow the important people (and follow who they follow), watch the videos, go to the events and network at the events! Find companies your love and follow them on LinkedIn, network with people that work there.
  • Build relationships!
  • With all the networks you have, build effective relationships and help out people in your network — but at the same time ask for help. Set up coffee meetings, ask for introductions and find people willing to mentor you. Building effective relationships can be strenuous but it is worth it! Don’t give up!

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Headspace Pod



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